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I am an entrepreneur and author from Delhi.

I like to build(x1000), talk(x100) and write(x10).

Interested in how Siri talks back, why Plato never revolted against slavery, who does Trump report to, what's the answer to the Trolley Problem and when will Singularity arrive.

Fairly conservative but not a bigot. Though if you don't have time to read, I am not exactly your guy.

I am very optimistic about humanity's future, including mine.

Wannabe pantomath with a Spartan ego.

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The problem with the absolute democracy of internet isn't that too many of us are behaving too badly, but that the minority of bads, who have always existed, are proactively starting to dominate.

In a hyper-engaged web, passive goodness of the majority is akin to invisibility. Trying to maintain a peaceful order by simply being nice citizens and following the rule book for bare minimum isn't the strategy that works for the web.

We can't sanitise the virtual space by banning trolls or downgrading them in our algorithms. We can do it only by actively promoting the phenomenal good work people around us are doing, we can do it by leaving them positive reviews and sharing great content.

I am linking here some wonderful people I know. Do take time to check out their work and make new connections.

my favourite people

Akshay Tyagi (founded fourlemon , a real estate performance marketting startup, and many more before this. super nice person.)

Anushk Mittal (runs a cool Atlanta-based startup Memeois)

Akshay Saxena (co-founded the awesome Avanti Learning Classes)

Sabika Abbas Naqvi (a founding member of Pinjra Tod, she is championing gender issues with poetry that unsettles)

Mustafa Lokandwala ( go read Mustafa's posts! )

Ashtami Rajan (every kid needs a champion like Ashtami. she is a PhD fellow at TISS, involved in educational research.)

Abhijit Sinha (creating innovative self-learning spaces called Nooks through his Project Defy.)

Manish Jain ( founded radical alternative learning space Swaraj University, Shikshantar, Multiversity Alliance and so much more)

Sebin Simon (single-handedly runs a popular art studio, Inkology)

Mohammad Zeeshan (CEO of The Climber a very successful edu startup creating a huge community of mentors and mentees) 

Angshuman Choudhary ( researcher of peace and conflict. runs Eleventh Column)

Amulya Aphale (an activist film-maker. he is helping steer Chalchitra Abhiyan, vocalising the issues of different marginalised communities, especially in Western Uttar Pradesh) 

Partha Bhattacharya (is trying to use blockchain to solve civic problems- Electus)

I am an entrepreneur and author based in Delhi. I am passionate about the the future of learning and media.

Currently I am working on Edhack, a learning startup, & my new book 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Future' which will be published by Penguin India later this year.

Last year, I co-founded a campaign platform called for the promotion of alternative paths of learning and livelihood. We are now moving to a permanent address and forging new partnerships with Edhack.

If you lead a progressive business or organisation, we should talk about opening our doors to self-directed learners. (Say Hi!) 

Naked Emperor of Education is the book I wrote at 16, India’s first young critique of the schooling system. You can also watch my TEDx talk for a quick summary.

My first startup was StoryAlert, a 50k+ strong media lifezine. It died an unnatural death after we sold it in 2014. 

I have been a contributor to TheQuint, DailyO, ThePrint and others. 

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